Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gymboree date

We had our gymboree date day today!
Well - it could have gone better. These boys are just SO anxious in public : ( They cling to me for dear life. Jack does much better than Braley, and they both had their moments where they would play. I managed to capture those on camera. The rest of the time, they wanted to be in my lap or held. I see all these other kids just running around and couldn't tell you where their mom's were - and then there are my boys who lose their minds if I am out of their sight.

I KNOW things will get better as they get older and move past stranger anxiety. And I KNOW mother's day out will help tremendously. They will start that in June. I just want them to feel confident and know that they are okay and safe, even if I am not right there.

But dang - they sure are cute!

Yes, my Jack Attack man got his first shiner this morning! He tripped and fell on the cool mist humidifier. First of many, I assume.

If anyone has any tips on helping with stranger anxiety/separation anxiety, I'm all ears.

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Abby said...

I just waited it out. About a month ago (17 months old) Jones really started spreading his wings. He is willing to let me leave his sight now, but he still comes back to check on me every few minutes, which is perfect! Hang in there!