Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunny and 60s in Janurary

I am dying over this great weather! As soon as I get these wee ones down for their naps, I am headed to the patio with some chips, guacamole, coke zero, and Gilmore Girls on the patio TV. Life is good. In about 45 minutes ; )

Braley and Jack are teething molars and in the height of separation anxiety (read - want to be held and forget about me leaving the room they are in). A recipe for me losing my mind fast. I called David today and told him that the kids were in a contest to see who could drive me crazy fastest. And they are all winning. lol.

I decided we simply had to get out today, and luckily for me, it is perfect weather. We got in the stroller and went to the playground!

Since the babies aren't too into the playground just yet, we only stayed 30 minutes, then came back home to play in the back yard.

Now the countdown to naptime begins!!

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