Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back from vacation!

First - to answer a question, that running watch is a Nike TomTom - not hubby got it for marathon training and I have decided that we are going to share it : ) But yes, it is awesome! It is a GPS and tracks all sorts of cool things!

Anyway - ski vaca 2012 was a success!

We left Monday morning and headed to the airport! We ate lunch there and boarded the plane.

We flew OKC to Denver first. David and I each had a lap child and we had Paige to wrangle as well. The crummy thing was that, since we were on smaller planes, there weren't enough oxygen masks per row for David and I to sit together. So we took turns sitting with one baby and Paige, and the other was with just one baby. Not going to lie, it was pretty rough. Jack and Braley recovered from our first flight by taking a napper in the Denver airport.

Our second flight - Denver to Durango, was only 45 minutes and it was fine! Then we got to the house and the difficulties were forgotten! Paige was so happy to play with her cousins and the grandparents were ready to take the boys off our hands so we could relax!

And a very exciting thing: Jack Attack started walking while we were there : ) Video to come.

The little bud gets jealous when we praise Jack and get excited when he walks. Bless him. So we have to praise him too and he gets a huge grin on his face.

The first day, we took Paige out to play in the snow for a little bit.

The day before we left, it dawned on me that she had no appropriate shoes to wear in the snow. I remembered that Target had adorable rain boots, so we ran up there with all the kids to try and grab them. Unfortunately, the only ones they had to fit her tiny feet were the Thomas ones. But it was fine, Paige freaked out she was so excited over her "THOMAS BOOTS!!!!!"

David and I found a local gym and went up for a work out, did some shopping, then came home to get Paige. We took her up to the mountain for lunch:

Paige is finally a normal kid who likes pizza!

They had some little skis to rent for kids, that just snapped right into her shoes. There was a little bunny slope that parents could walk down while helping their little one ski down. It was seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen. Teaching my daughter how to ski was so surreal to me. I just kept looking around seeing all the happy parents and it was strange to think, "hey, I'm one of them."

I die.

We came home, fed the kids dinner, did baths, played, got the kiddos down, then had game time with all the family! We don't get to spend a lot of time with David's siblings and their spouses, so it was a treat to get this time.

The second day, we hit the slopes all day! David decided to stay home and spend the day with his parents and the kids. He is too paranoid about injury so close to his February marathon. But David and Paige came up to the mountain to meet me for lunch and some more skiing for the bug.

David's sister and me on the top of the mountain. It was WARM for skiing. We didn't need hats or goggles at all. It was amazing and gorgeous.

That night brought more fun - dinner, play time, games!

The next day, David and I got a couples massage, had lunch downtown, and then went snow machining! (when I used to live in Alaska, everyone called it snow machining. I got used to it. I know in the lower 48, it is referred to as a snow mobile.)

I'd say, besides flying, the toughest part about travel was getting Paige to sleep. She was having too much fun with the girls to want to settle down, and when she finally did, she was scared in an unfamiliar room by herself. So we ended up having David sleep with her in a room, and I slept in the room next to the twins. Luckily, with a fan for white noise and a dark room, Jack and Braley had no issues sleeping. Everyone ate great too. But it was sure nice last night getting Paige back in her own bed and getting 12 hours of sleep again.

The flights home were pretty tough. But all 3 slept from Denver to OKC:

And when we got home, it was like we never left! Everyone fell right back into routine.

Vacation is great, but there is no place like home : )

And, I am doing great on my running goal! 21 miles the first week!


Amanda said...

sweetest pictures, ever!!!!

Jenny said...

Sounds like a great vacation! Thank you for the watch info:)