Monday, January 16, 2012

Zoo/gymnastics monday

A big day today for Paige! We went to the zoo with my mom and grandfather, Jack. It was in the 70s today! Cray! It was also free day at the zoo, so the cream of the crop of OK rolled out. LOL. And the day started a little rough.

At 4 AM, the boys monitor connection died. I was confused as to why it would suddenly lose connection, so I went to their room to investigate. Imagine my surprise when I see all the lights on, Paige dressed in jeans and a tank top standing in Jack's crib. Braley was completely asleep, Jack was standing there, holding his blankie very confused. And Paige said, "mommy, it's time to go to the zoo!"

Good gracious! Our best guess was that she woke up and just decided it was time to get the day started! Our routine is to potty, get dressed, then get the bubbas she just went ahead and did it all without me! Oh, and why the monitor went dead? Well, Paige decided to turn it off when she went in there! Ey yei yei.

I got her up, put her in her room, turned the boys' lights out, laid poor Jackers back down, went in, got Paige back in her jammies, gave her a stern, "you DO NOT go in the boys room! You MUST stay in your bed!" in her bed, lights off, and back to bed for me! Really hoping this isn't a recurring incident!

We had a wonderful time at the zoo! All the animals were out and performing for us!

They have a playground there where we played until Mele came. I loved having my grandfather, Jack, with us, because he could sit with the stroller and I could chase Paige around.

Mom, I'm not too big for the baby swing!

My little fashionista.

And today was the first installment of daddy/daughter gymnastics!

David said she did great! Her favorites were the zipline and where you hang on to a bar and fall into the pit of foam squares. We are going to alternate weeks where we get to take her, so next week, I'll have pics : )

Big girl needed a bath after her big day, then she crashed out!


Lindsey B said...

Catching up on your blog! Love these pictures and that your grandfather is able to have fun with y'all still!

Shannon said...

Omg I'm dying reading about Paige getting up without you!!! Too cute!!