Friday, January 13, 2012

Girl dates

My Friday nanny started back up today, so Paige and I got to resume our weekly date day! We went to the gym first, where Paige got to play with her bestie, Logan.

Die. I love these sweet girls more than life itself! When we pulled in, Paige saw Logan getting out of her car and yelled, "look, mommy! There is my friend, Logan!"

After the gym, we went to lunch with Amanda, Logan, and Tia. Then - what girls do best on a!!

Little bug waiting for the elevator. And yes, she walked right into a store grabbed this pink skirt, said, "I want to try it on!" and put it right on and ripped the tag off. Homegirl likes to shop.

I want to push the button!

Of course on our girl date, we had to go look at make-up and perfume! Duh! Logan liked this purple lipstick.

And Paige helped herself to some bronzer.

Thank the Lord for sweet friends!

David and I are hitting the town for a wedding tonight (yes, Friday the 13th. Don't ask because I haven't a clue as to why someone would do that!) then tomorrow we have a birthday party for a special 1 year old boy.

Have a great weekend!


aMUSEing said...

they are the absolute sweetest! could tear up just thinking about how sweet they talk to each other. looove it! logan can't wait to stock their mini fridge in college :)

Melissa said...

Hi- my name is Melissa and I found your blog through another twin momma from the bump- Kim I'm pretty sure. I love reading about your little ones. I have 15 month old twin girls and a 7 year old. Like you I am trying to get back into running, although I'm not quite as far along as you, I'm up to 12 miles a week. So I am sure you posted but where is that awesome watch from. Second question is how do you find the strength to do it and keep up with 3 little ones and how do you possible have enough food in you to sustain a run where you burnt almost 1000 calories? I burn like 300 and feel so beat.. Just curious thanks so much!