Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gymboree! Yay!

My undeniably generous mom got the twins 5 months of gymboree for Christmas. I am happy to have something fun to take them to do while Paige is in school. Although I must say, I was VERY nervous about how they would do there. They hate being in unfamiliar places and have some of the worst stranger anxiety I have ever seen. Luckily my momma came to help me and they love her.

When we first got there, they clung to Mele, me, and eachother : ) Bless them : )

But before I could even get out, "gah, I knew this would happen..." big boy started exploring with the biggest smile on his face! LOVE him!

Braley, my little momma's boy, never got *totally* comfortable - he spent a good amount of time sucking his thumb in my lap. I have people tell me I need to just put him on the floor and show him some tough love. But I know Braley. I know he just needs a little more time to adjust to new places and people.

The name tags kill me. How is my little bitty 5 pound baby big enough to go somewhere that requires name tags?? : (

Can't wait until next Thursday!

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