Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Better days

Our great weather continued today! While our house cleaner was here, we decided to get out of her way and pop down to our neighbors to play in the back yard! They have a trampoline, so of course, Paige was in heaven. Shhh...don't tell her, but she will most likely be getting one for the big 3rd birthday in April : )

I am learning just how important it is to get the twins out of their normal routine and in different environments. I think a lot of their issue dealing with new people and situations (besides their own temperament and just normal 1 year old behavior) is the fact that they rarely break from routine. They did great down with Mrs. Rebecca, Bailey, and Baby Samuel!

We had a little snack on the patio.

Paige, upon being told that Maria was out our house cleaning, picked up the vacuum cleaner and said, "okay, mommy! I'm going to clean the bathroom now!" While holding her baby. Girlfriend has skills!

Today was one of the best days the babies have had in a while. Maybe those molars are breaking through and will give us a break.

Partners in crime!

I love these boys!

They are SO interactive these days. When we sing twinkle twinkle little star, they open and close their hands like I do. They clap at the end of every song. They are babbling, saying mama and dada, but I still don't technically think they have any "words." Paige was 15 months when she had her first word, and I hear boys typically develop speech later than girls, so I'm still thinking the first true word will be a few months yet.

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