Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'Tis the season to be merry!!!

David's parents came up and visited us last weekend from College Station, TX. We had a wonderful time! We ate brunch at 501 Cafe, which is one of our favorites. Then we went to the mall for some Christmas shopping. Then during Paige's nap, we opened presents and drank wine and just really enjoyed their company. We then went with my mom to Red Rock on Saturday night. My dad is still recovering from shoulder surgery, so he had to stay home.
David's sister, Carolyn, also came!
Paige and some of my workout friends took our babies to meet Santa!!! I was so worried that Paige was going to cry through the whole thing! But she didn't : ) She was FASCINATED with him though, and never looked at the camera.

David and I feel very blessed this year. Paige is a gift from heaven and has brought us a kind of joy that we never knew was possible. I hope all my blog friends have a wonderful holiday season with the ones that you love : )