Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My busy bee

Just hanging with my bug on a Tuesday! Tuesday nights are girls night in. David is in grad school and is gone until 10:30 every Tuesday. Stinks big time!!! We were going to head to a party tonight, but little miss is still pretty snotty and I just didn't want to get her out in the cold.

Not much to say about Paige except that she is into anything and everything! She hasn't met a remote/iphone/blackberry/digital camera/set of keys that she doesn't need. Right now. When I am in Target, it is so much easier to just hand her my keys and let her suck on them. I'm sure you are thinking...GROSS!!! But it is better than a screaming baby : )

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. It is coooool here in the 405! Bundle up!

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