Sunday, December 21, 2008


My niece, Ava, with my cute husband, David.
From left to right - Beefy Griffith, Spike Griffith

Bump pic! Week 21/22
I am starting to feel her kick now! It isn't every day, and it is normally just at night, but when I do feel them, they are strong! It is such an amazing feeling. We saw the movie 4 Christmases yesterday (I DO NOT recommend!!) and she was kicking the whole time! I think she was saying, mom - why are you seeing this dumb movie! I got to spend some great time with my mom and David though, so it was worth it!
Christmas is almost here - and all keep thinking is how thankful I am for my great husband, family, and baby girl Paige.
Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope everyone gets what they wish for this year : )

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Jeff and Kerry said...

Awwwww, Beefy and Spike! Rex's long lost BFF's! SO CUTE!!!!!

And hooray for feeling your little girl kick!