Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Being a stay-at-home mommy

We had a fun play date with Erin's sweet baby, J.  We met at Louie's and walked around the lake after that.  We were sitting in this restaurant with business people on their lunch breaks, and we have our baby carriers and whip out our bottles and are feeding and burping our babies.  I am sure they were like - this is not a daycare! But when Paige is hungry, she has to eat!!
My sweet bug
Paige isn't quite interested in her playmat just yet.  She likes to sleep on it, though!

Paige is the absolute love of my life.  She is such a wonderful baby.  She still only wakes up one time in the night, and goes right back down after she eats.  I am ready for her to drop that 3 AM feeding, but I know I SHOULD NOT complain, because I know it could be much worse with a 4 week old.

Tomorrow we have another play date with Ethan F.  I'll take pictures of that too.  I have my 4 week post partum check-up in the morning, and I am hoping to get back in the gym after that! 

I feel so blessed that I get to stay at home with her.  I can't imagine having just two more weeks with her before I had to send her to daycare and only have a few hours a day with her.  Breaks my heart even thinking about it.  I am going to start leaving her with my parents on Monday-Wednesday-Friday mornings so I can do a workout class at Chesapeake, and I think that will be good for us.  But from 8:30-11 is long enough!!

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