Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My cute bug
David and I about to go out for our anniversary!

With my new baby Bjorn! I love this thing! I call Paige my little marsupial when she is in this.  So cute and she loves it!

Our first trip to the golf course...hence the title of this post.
We went out with Charlie, Michelle, and Ethan.  Michelle was smarter than me and brought her Bjorn.  But we had so much fun! Paige and Ethan were so good.  I did have to change a diaper on the #11 tee box, but no one seemed to mind.  We let a group play through us, and Paige started to coo a little in one of the guy's practice swings, but she quieted down in time.  Daddy has high hopes of Paige loving golf, so hopefully this got her started off on the right foot.

Other baby news:  Paige sleeps through the night.  11 PM to 7:15 AM last night.  Praise God! And we are getting closer on the smiling thing.  I saw Ethan smiling away at Michelle last night and it made me so excited for when my little one starts.  Come on, Paige! Mommy is funny...SMILE!!!!!


ASHELY said...

love love this post. she is so adorable. what a blessing! :) looks cute on the golf course too!

The Frasiers said...

It was so funny when Paige had her little "accident" in the locker room! HA! Ethan does that on a daily basis!
We had so much fun!!! Thanks for a great evening!

Vikki said...

You look great!

Callie said...

Gerod is all about Gibson playing golf too... he already has plastic clubs and Gerod plans to get him real ones for his 2nd birthday or Christmas. :)
By the way we were talking tonight, and we still have yet to meet Miss. Paige. We need to get together so we can see this cutie!
I am so glad to hear she is doing well at night. Thats amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Paige really looks like your Mom in the little pink outfit on the couch. :)
Michelle Buck