Friday, June 26, 2009

We're back (in more ways than one!)

I couldn't resist this precious picture of Paige in her bathing suit!! 

It has been forever since I have updated, but I have been out of town! Paige and I headed north to visit my mom and dad while they summered in Alaska.  I spent a year there while my dad was with Nabors Drilling, and I keep going back every summer.  It is where David and I got engaged, so I have some wonderful memories there! Plus I hate being away from my mom for too long, so no way could I have gone all summer.  We missed David like crazy though, and it feels nice to be back home.

Flying = easy! Granted, I did spring for first class.  I was very nervous about a 5 hour flight (from Salt Lake to Anchorage) with a two month old, but she was great.  She had a massively dirty diaper while we were taxiing from the gate to the runway, so I had to wait about 15 minutes until we reached cruising altitude before I could get up and change it.  Luckily I sat next to some very baby-friendly people who didn't mind.

Everything was copasetic until yesterday (2 days after we got home).  She would not eat.  She would scream out in hunger pains, so we would sit down to feed her.  She would eat for maybe 10-15 seconds, then scream in pain, stiffen up her body, and flail hear little arms about.  This lasted all day! I was frustrated to tears, I called David several times, and this continued into the night.  She normally has 22-23 ounces per day.  Yesterday, she got down 12.  Finally at 10:00 PM, I paged the nurse.  I was so upset that David had to talk to her.  It is so hard to watch your baby be in pain.  I was so sad for her.  She said that since we are able to console her, we should just keep her over night and bring her in the next morning.  If that changed (meaning if we weren't able to console her, and she appears to be in constant pain), then we were to head to the ER.  Thank goodness that didn't happen, and at 4 AM, she actually woke up and ate! 4 ounces! With no apparent pain! YAY!!! So I am going to see how it goes this morning before I decide if I am taking her in or not.  
Great hair translates in all 50 states!
Goofy morning smiles!

Reunited with daddy at the airport! We missed you so much!

Camp mel! My mom's name is Melody and one of her girlfriends made shirts when they visited Anchorage.  My mom really does run a camp!

I have come to the conclusion that being a mom can just be hard some days.  When you think you have everything figured out, they throw you a curve ball.  

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Callie said...

The curve balls keep coming I am sad to say... but once you figure out how to deal with them you feel so much more accomplished as a mother! :)
She is getting so big... I cant believe that she is already 2 months old! WOW! It flies by doesnt it?
Take as many pictures as possible, because she will grow so quickly before your eyes!
Hopefully we can get together sometime soon with you guys so we can finally see little Miss in person! :)