Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy July!

Paige likes to lounge poolside
David is the best at feeding her.  I swear he was a mom in another lifetime.
Catching a ride from Dad after Jerad and Minda's rehearsal dinner.  More on that below.
Mom, what is your obsession with pink and brown polka dots?
My cute husband and me at Jerad and Minda's wedding.  I got the dress in Alaska of all places.  But it is now my new favorite! 
I love flowers.  My house is filled with florals and my third favorite thing about weddings is looking at the flowers. My first is cake and second is open bar.  However when there is no alcohol at a reception, I eat two pieces of cake and spend my time taking pictures of the flowers.  I LOVED their centerpieces! They used limes and berries with the roses.  So cool!

Getting a ride out of Mercy after our two month shots.  It was traumatic for me, but I think Paige got over it pretty quickly.  I was so glad David met us there, because I did not want to be the one holding her down.  I cried and cried! Paige let out several screams which broke my heart, but David got her calmed down pretty fast.  NOT looking forward to our 4 month shots!

Our besties, Brooke and Seth, came over last night and David's parents are coming in this we are busy busy! 

I am thankful to my Dr. friend, Erin...thank you so much for talking to me last night! Background:  Paige has never been an eager eater.  Hence why I stopped breastfeeding.  It was just too difficult.  Lately, it has been awful.  She has been refusing to eat! The pediatrician was shocked when I told her how much Paige eats in a given day.  Not only does she not want to eat, but she screams bloody murder when you try to feed her! She would eat maybe 1 or 2 ounces before having a fit.  It has been so frustrating for me, as I spend my days just trying to get her to eat.  As you can probably guess, not eating during the day makes her not a great sleeper at night.  We had gotten used to Paige sleeping through the night, so it was very hard to get up and tend to her at 3 AM these last few nights.  And sleep deprivation makes frustration worse...

Well last night before bed, something just clicked, I guess.  Paige ate 5 ounces, went to sleep at 10:30, and woke up at 6:30! Praise God! And so far today she has finished all her bottles with ease.  I am hopeful this trend continues.  I swear, there is always something to worry about! 


Hopeful34 said...

She is so cute. Love the hair!!! LOVE your dress as well. Glad she is eating better AND sleeping better :)

Meredith said...

Yay for eating better! My daughter is about 6 months old and has been the worst eater. Hopefully we'll turn a corner soon like Paige did!

The Frasiers said...

First of all I love your new coral dress... Super cute! I like pic of paige over davids shoulder!!! She looks like a daddys girl already! Ha! The wedding looks really pretty! I love the flowers too!