Thursday, July 9, 2009

Picture time!

Mini photo-session #348
Paige loves her play mat! Her boyfriend right now is the octopus.  Last week it was the whale, but she only has eyes for her octopus right now.  Sometimes I feel bad for just laying her down in her mat, but she really loves it! I recommend the Baby Einstein Ocean Wonders play mat.
Love that beautiful booty : )
Happy girl!
Pose for mommy, Paige!!


The Frasiers said...

What?!?! I thought Ethan was her boyfriend?!?! Ha!! Cute pictures! I love that outfit. Adorable!!

Jill said...

She looks so cute! Glad she is enjoying her playmats!!

Callie said...

Gibson loved his at that age too! They are amazing! I would lay him on his in our bedroom, right outside the bathroom door, and I was able to take a shower during the day. I would of course peek my head out every 5 seconds to make sure he hadnt moved (even though he was no where near rolling over or crawling at the time). I hope Chad likes his just as much!