Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I am going to start by saying that these photos are way out of order, as usual.  But here I go:
I am OBSESSED with my hotsling right now.  My mom got this for me when Paige was born, but I didn't like it.  I felt like she was too delicate and it didn't feel secure.  So I got the Bjorn, and I loved it, so I just used that.  However - I just wasn't using the hotsling right! I got the DVD out today that came with it (I was really bored haha) and figured out how it worked.  Well it is so cool! I am happy to have another way to wear Paige.  I still love the Bjorn and will probably stick with that out of the house, but this is great for home and things like going out to eat.  
Photo session
Tummy time made fun with our tummy pal! We love this! 
Paige is starting to kind of reach out for toys.  I say kind of because most of the time it is by accident that she bats at something or reaches for it...but that is how she will learn.
Fun play date with Ethan! We had two babies, two mommies, to purses, diaper bags, etc., two Bjorns, and a huge box of diapers loaded down in my car! We were loaded down!! 

My beautiful girl!
Paige loves the sling!

Proof that it is totally hands free!

Feeding is still going really well.  Life with my sweet bug is just going perfectly! We have really hit a great stride.  I know that things change all the time and I shouldn't get too used to it, as I hear month 4 brings some issues...
So I am going to really enjoy this "quiet" time!


Callie said...

The hotsling is absolutely my FAVORITE baby accessory. I have already started using mine with Chad, but he was also the size of the average 2 month old at birth. lol. Glad you figured out how to use it! :)
P.S. you look great momma!

Meredith said...

I'm glad the feeding issues are under control!! The 4-5 months issues are just kind of busy b/c that is the stage where your baby wants to be interacted w/ all the time, and wants you in eyesight indefinitely. It was hard to go to the bathroom even. But those months went by fast and now we are almost 7 months old and it's so fun! I heard 6 months was the magic age and it really was. It's when she started sitting up and playing more even by herself, so it's definitely a turn. Good luck!

Jamie Dearle said...

You look so cute! And Paige is a doll! I cant wait to see you guys in October! Glad everything is going well! Have a great weekend!

The Frasiers said...

Ha! I think we made the weight capacity for your car that day... One of us has GOT to get an SUV! That was fun though!
Cute hotsling... that looks fun!