Monday, October 8, 2012


Going back in the last few days of iPhone pics!

Random, but I love making fajitas.

Before the blast of cold air came in (and it is supposed to be back in the 80s this week - talk about reeking havoc on my allergies!) we got to the playground after school!

This boy is getting very smart at delaying bedtime!  I'll put him in his crib, and when I get to the door, he says, "big hug!"  He knows I won't leave the room after he's asked for a big hug!  So I go give him a hug, say good night, and try to leave again.  He'll shout, "kiss, mommy!  kiss!  kiss!"  I can't very well leave him without a kiss when he asks for one!

Little stinker!

Okay this one pretty much sums up our addiction to sugar in this house.  SMH.  We need help.  FYI - these were AMAZING.

Headed to open house at school!

Open house in Paige's preschool was so fun.  We got to see all her art work, she introduced us to all her new friends, and it is great hearing her teachers rave to us about what a little sweetheart she is (which we already knew!).  They had the "bio" wall, and it was hysterical.  There was a picture of each kid, and next to it was a paper with questions and answers on it.  The teachers simply wrote down exactly what the child said when asked the question.  One question was:  when is your birthday?  Reading the kids answers was so funny!  Some examples:  "I don't know."  "I already had my birthday!"  "after my sister's."  Paige said, "April," which is correct!  They asked her what her favorite TV show was, and she said Berenstien Bears, which is false.  She never watches that show!  Then when they asked her what her favorite toy was, she said, "A berenstien bear toy."  WTF?  I have no clue where she got that!

And ready to go night night after a fun night at the school!

Have a good week, folks!  It will be a short one here - David and I are escaping to Dallas this weekend for OU/Texas.  Boomer Sooner!!  And please pray for our nanny...52 hours alone with my kids : /

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Kelly said...

cookies kill us too! If you like oreos, try crusing them up and mixing them in the dough.... so good!