Saturday, October 6, 2012

pumpkin farm visit

We made a trip out to the pumpkin farm today with a big group of friends.  This is a tradition we have done the last new years, and look forward to many more!  I knew the kids would have fun, but I couldn't have anticipated just how much they would love this place.  Paige remembered going last year, but the boys weren't even 1, not walking, sat in their stroller the whole time.  I was excited for them to get to be out experiencing everything.

We had a COLD front come in this weekend.  It was in the 50s.  But the sun was out and there wasn't any wind, so it really wasn't that bad.   But we did have to bundle up!  I stocked up on winter clothes yesterday.

Okay, I'm pretty sure this kid liked the petting zoo more than he likes cheetos.  And that is saying A LOT.  He didn't want to leave, he kicked and screamed when we tried to take him out to go see the pumpkins, the slides, the hay ride...we kept coming back to the petting zoo because this kid was so happy in there!  It always warms my heart to see this guy running around, laughing and happy.  He has come a long way from his days of not being to tolerate being in public unless I was holding him.

Sweet Jack did get knocked over by a goat at one point, though! Bless his heart!  But he was fine.  Just needed a little love from daddy for a few minutes.

He was back at it a few minutes later!

OMG this goose.  Bless him (or her?).  My kids chased this thing all over the place.

Cracked us up.

The boys loved the bunnies.  They were determined to catch one - of course they did not.  They would get so close, even try to corner them as a team, but those things just hopped away at the last second.  The laughs, squeals with delight I to my ears!  I am so blessed with these precious children.

Of course the boys had to stop for a little snack break!

Paige got to play with her cousin, Ava, which thrilled her to no end!  They don't like each other or anything ; )

We had a group of about 20 meet at a little restaurant down the street after.  We sat outside with these huge heaters on (those things get hot!  I actually took my coat off!), kids running around playing - it was great. 

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