Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial weekend a farm.

My grandfather, Jack, grew up in Oklahoma on a farm, and the family still has the house and all the land.  He loves to go up there, as do some of my cousins.  I didn't really get the farm gene, and haven't been since 1997 : /  We decided to go this year since the boys are old enough to handle a day trip, skip naps, etc.  I am so glad we did, they had such a great time!  I had to fight every urge to not clean them off every 3 minutes.  Sunscreen, dirt caked on, grass, sweat, cake crumbs, ketchup, strawberry juice running down their faces - not to mention we were with cows...well they were very dirty!!  All day long!  We got got home around 10 PM, got everyone cleaned up, and David and I were not even to the boys door to leave the room and they were fast asleep.  

Braley and my aunt, Missy.  Missy (my mom's sister) got the farm gene.  She loves it up there, and the kids love her.  We road in the back of a pick-up truck (don't worry, just around the pasture so we could see the cows!) and you would have thought that was the most exciting thing these kids have ever done!

There was a momma cow in labor and I was really hoping we'd get to see her calf born, but they thought it would be another several hours.

I love how you can almost feel my uncomfortable-ness with being in the back of a truck with filthy kids - but I'm telling ya, by the end of the day, I was embracing it.  Liked it, even : )

Yes, this happens often.  Love them.

Seeing a water well and how the cows get clean, cold water

Gearing up for a great Memorial Day today!  David is playing golf with my folks, and I'm taking the kids to our neighborhood party and picnic.  Then we are meeting David and my family for a pool party and cook-out.  Thankful to live in this great country and for all who serve and make this possible!

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