Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Well, I ran the marathon.  It was a lot harder than I anticipated, but so, so amazing.  I can't wait to do another : )  Then we had company in town for a week for Paige's birthday, so blogging and picture taking has taken a back-burner!  I was happy for a nice, warm day with some cloud cover - perfect for snapping some photos of my little loves!

We blew up the baby pool today, and are looking forward to a fun summer out in the backyard.  I already know that I won't be comfortable going to the pool with the kids alone.  Even if the boys have puddle jumpers on.  Maybe next year!  I'm thankful for a nice backyard!

Paige's sweet friend, Bailey came up to play.

My beautiful boy!  I am crazy about him.

Love when my shy little girl bursts out of her shell.  So cool to see.  The sleepless nights filled with anxiety have already started about sending her to a new school next year with all new kids.  Will she be too shy to make friends?  Most of them will have been in preschool together.  I pray that she finds her place.

Ack!  Love him so much.

What a lovely life I lead with these kids!

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