Sunday, May 12, 2013

My neighbors probably get a good laugh at me at my almost daily attempts at getting good pictures of the kids.  "Hey guys!  Look at mommy!  Smile! Say cheese! Wait, Jack! Get back here!  Look at MOMMY!  Get your finger out of your nose!  Hands out of your pants!  Say CHEESE!  I'll give you an m&m if you stand still and smile!"

Worth it for a few cute shots : )

More fun out in the backyard!

Sibling love.  Seriously?  Can't beat it!!

Finally got some iphone pics on the computer.  I still can't believe I actually ran a marathon.  I have another one planned for November, then a half in April, then another full next June in Alaska.  Safe to say I am hooked.

Right after, walking to meet my family at the car.  I had never felt so exhausted, yet so amazing!  It was wonderful.

David ran the half (in 1.5 hours, he is insanely fast) and all 3 of my boys fell asleep in the rocking chair that afternoon.

We showered and went out to dinner that night, and I paid for it the next day!  I should have rested that night.

Wow, this is all over the place.  Fast forward to Wednesday of this week.  Paige had a mother's day tea and musical performance.  Bless her, she hates being up on stage in front of people.  She looked like she was about to burst into tears the whole time.

But she looked cute : )

Jack and his new favorite toy - Paige's new hello kitty hat.  Hilarious.

Friday, we met David for lunch at Chesapeake, so after we went over to a near-by park.  We love this park, but don't live around there so we never go.  But we have been 3 times in the last 3 days because they keep asking to go to the "sand park."

My mother's day has been lovely.  Church, brunch, and time with my family!

We have spent most of the day outside, and we skipped naps so we wouldn't have to miss any of the fun - therefore all kids are sound asleep by 7:30 PM.  Big smiles and time to relax!

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