Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bump pictures!!! - 15 weeks

YAY! Not that there is much there, but I think is cute : ) These were taken this weekend at David's parents house in College Station, TX. We went down for the OU vs TX A&M game. We killed them!! David and I had a better time than his parents did though - his step-dad is the treasurer for the University. But it was a great weekend, we enjoyed gushing about the pregnancy. Right before we left for the game, I thought I looked a little pregnant in my tight OU shirt and maternity jeans, so I snuck off to their guest bath and got a few shots.

Also in exciting news: we bought a crib and a changing table! Pictures of those to come when the dang thing gets put together (hint, hint David!!)!!

All in all, life couldn't get any better for us right now! I am starting to feel the beginnings of round ligament pain, and it kind of surprises me when I get a pain like that, but I know it is just baby G growing!

So for the bump:


The Black Family said...

YAY for the "baby bump". I am so excited for you!!! I cant wait till your belly gets bigger... but I promise I wont rub it without permission... lol... I hated that! :)
Hopefully we can see you guys sometime soon!! :)

stacey said...

Yes, ma'am. That is a cute little bump for sure! So glad all is going well.