Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Biophysical profile

Went great! Not to brag, but my kid is a rockstar. She is 3.5 pounds and passed all the tests they gave her! They said she looks very happy in there. She took some practice breaths, was swallowing just fine, and would not stop moving! She is big and doesn't have a lot of room, but she doesn't let that bother her at all. The tech said she would guess I will have her by May 1st - so I still have a chance at my April diamond baby : )

Boring stats: Up 15 pounds for the pregnancy, blood pressure still 110/60, measuring at 31 weeks.

Nothing else exciting...still can't sleep. She told me to take tylenol PM or benadryl to help with that. I hate it when people say, oh just wait until the baby gets here. Then you really can't sleep. Don't you think I know that!! I am just hoping to be well rested when she gets here! Goodness!!

Still no belly pic - I'll get on that one soon.


Callie said...

Tylenol PM really works... Too bad when I was pregnant with Gibson I didnt discover it till about two weeks before he made his arrival. If anything it relaxes you and makes you sleep a ton better... although you may still wake up in the middle of the night to tinkle! ;)
At least when she is waking you up after she gets here you will be happy that you actually get to see her precious face, and not just be annoyed that you cant sleep and have nothing to look at but the ceiling! :)
So glad everything is going well!!

Callie said...

We are going out of town Friday night so I wont be able to make your shower... :( But I am working on something special for Paige! ;) Wish I could be there though... if we get back to town early enough I can make it.
It is this sunday right?