Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello, third trimester

So glad to be here, thanks for inviting me! I had my week 28 appointment today. It went great! Except for the fact that I had to drink that NASTY orange glucose drink then sit for an hour...GROSS!!! Hopefully I pass and don't have to repeat it! I was up 2 pounds since last time, which puts me at a 13 pound total weight gain so far. I have 12 weeks to go, so that is just fine! Looks like I should meet my goal of 25 pounds, and maybe even beat it! Go me! Now David better hurry home with my garlic cheese bread from Little Ceasar's...

I am getting another ultrasound in three weeks. The Biophysical profile, she called it. It will make sure that she is just as perfect as I am imagining her to be, which I know she is! David also told me that he made an appointment for us on Valentine's Day to get a 3D/4D ultrasound! What a sweet husband I have! I am so excited for that.

So everything in pregnancy land is going great. We are getting more and more excited to meet our sweet girl, Paige.

Don't you worry - I'll get a bump pic later this week!


Jeff and Kerry said...

Fingers crossed for the GTT test result to be a good one! And welcome to the third tri!

Ultrasound said...

The 3rd tri is going to fly by! Good luck on your 3d/4d scan. It's a great way to start the baby bonding.

Kind regards,
Monica @