Saturday, February 21, 2009

Praying for daylight

It makes me nervous that at 30 weeks pregnant, I am having trouble sleeping. I still have 2 months left! Isn't this not supposed to happen until later? I toss and turn all night trying to get comfortable. And tossing and turning when you have a basketball under your jammies is not easy. My poor dogs...they love to snuggle against me when we sleep, but they are just annoyed with constantly being moved around these days. Sorry, guy! Just wait until Paige is here and and up crying every 2 hours!!

Speaking of that - we plan on keeping the baby in our room in bassinet for the first few weeks of her life, then moving her into her crib. This is more for my benefit than hers. I worry that I am going to be so nervous leaving her side when we first bring her home. I'll want her right there so I can check on her whenever I want. Hopefully, I'll learn after a few weeks that she will be fine during the night, the baby monitors will work, and I can move her into her own room. That is what it is there for!

I have a special request: please pray for a great couple that David and I have known for a while. They are navigating their own path to parenthood, and are making some very exciting could just be around the corner!!!!

Oh - and don't worry - a belly shot will come soon : )


Jill said...

I'm only 15 weeks and I have trouble getting comfy and sleeping already! Yikes! Sorry to hear about your troubles, though...hope you are sleeping better soon.

I'm planning on using a PNP beside our bed when the babies arrive. I think it's a good idea! You've got all the time in the world for Paige to move to her crib...

Callie said...

Dont worry Megan... your not the only one! I have been having trouble sleeping for the past month or so... and I am not even 20 weeks yet. hahaha! If you dont have a pregnancy pillow of some kind get one because they keep you more comfy... well as comfy as one can get with a "basketball under their jammies"! You are getting so close to the finish line! ;)