Monday, August 31, 2009

4 month wakeful period?

Dear Lord, this is killing me! I KNOW that many new mommas want to slap me for complaining, since all in all, Paige is an excellent sleeper.  However, when your baby starts sleeping through the night at 6 weeks, then suddenly at 4 months she decides she doesn't want to do that anymore, it wears on you!  Then last night, she was up at 2 AM (usual for the last week), and decided it wasn't time to go to sleep again until 4.  David and I were exhausted and at our wits end! Now before you say anything - remember that we really haven't had to deal with this before! With the exception of a few nights in the first weeks, we have had no issues getting her down to sleep and having her stay asleep.  
Then once you have been up for two hours, you are just kind of up, so it was hard for us to fall back asleep.  The song from her exersaucer was in David's head and wouldn't stop singing it..."Red, Yellow, and Bluuuuue." So that had me laughing at 4 AM.  

We had our four month appointment today, and all is well.  13.5 pounds, 25 growing just fine, despite her small appetite.  We did get the go ahead to start solids.  We will start with cereal, but I think we are going to wait until closer to five months. 

We are headed to Dallas this weekend for OU/BYU and are very excited! Paige will be staying at the hotel with mom, so a big thanks to grandma for doing that! I wasn't comfortable leaving her with a teenage sitter that I didn't know and whose parents weren't even in town.  

Happy labor day to everyone!!


Callie said...

This has happened to everyone I know so far. It sucks, but its just one of those things. I promise it does get better though, but it does take a bit of time. I promise you will get through it. Just know I am probably up too... although I know that doesnt really help. :)

The Frasiers said...

You got someone to watch her! Yea! Now you can go to the game and not worry. That's really sweet of your mom!