Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Helpful bug, and photo shoot fail!

Random picture first. My cute bug loves to look out the window at her puppies.
So here is the photo shoot fail. Here is my idea: Take three pictures of Paige - one of her holding a D, one an A, and the last another D. Then give it to David for Valentines Day in a three-frame picture frame. Cute, huh? I went to Hobby Lobby and got the letters, painted them red, and got my bug in her red tutu. All set, right? WRONG! Getting a 9 month old to hold letters, sit still, and look at the camera just wasn't happening. Plus - my photography skills...well they just aren't there ; )
Thank goodness for nice people like Allison (See The Hess Household on the right) who are awesome at photography and offer to come over and help. So hopefully next week I will show some successful pictures!
She escaped and started crawling around and climbing on everything.
Finally got her to sit still and hold the letter. Now look at me!
Stop playing with your tutu! As you can see, we tried a variety of locations in the house. Ugggh.
A funny sidenote...I love to take baths. I take one every night. Well the other day, David gave me some time to myself, so I went to the gym, the mall, got a pedicure, and went to lunch. Heaven! Anyway, while he was watching her, he said she got fussy, crawled to the bathroom, and climbed on the tub looking for momma! Ha!
Sweet girl! Coming over to help me do the laundry.
She likes Hanky Pankys. Yikes!
Crawling away with them! Paige - that is not how folding laundry works!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful V-Day with the one that you love!!


Tabitha said...

Such a cute idea! And I'm so jealous everytime I see pics of your house...I LOVE your design skills!

Megan and David said...

Oh thank you! If only design skills = photography skills!!

Callie said...

I did something similar with Gibson one time for Gerod for his first Fathers Day... SOOO HARD! lol
Cant wait to see the pics your friend helps you with.