Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweet memories.

Big girl who loves the swings! This was the day before the huge ice and snow storm we had. We were stuck inside Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. We braved the roads and went to the mall on Saturday afternoon because I was just done with being inside. It wasn't too bad out. I felt like a fatty because all I did was lay around and eat. It felt so good to go to the gym this morning!

I went to get Paige from her crib this morning and she was talking (babababa mamamama dadadada yayayayaya) and standing in her crib and it just hit me how much she is growing up. I am so happy to see her growing and changing like she is supposed to, but a part of me is so sad that Paige will never be a baby again. I know we will have more babies and I will get to have that again...but it won't be my tiny baby bug Paige. She was the most precious newborn. So sweet, all curled up in a ball. She loved to coo. She was a pretty serious baby. She didn't smile just all the time and would stare at an object for long periods of time. She LOVED (and actually still loves!) to be rocked and cuddled. Oh how precious babies are!
Melt my heart!
Paige on her first date! Look how tiny those babies are!
I have tears in my eyes just looking at these pictures.
I was in a hurry, I feel like, with Paige, when she was a newborn. I was so anxious about everything and ready for her to be bigger "so I wouldn't worry so much." Well the worry is still here but my baby isn't : ( All I can say is enjoy those first few months. They are taxing, I know. Sleep deprivation is horrible, feeding every three hours is draining, and the constant worry about SIDS...I remember all these things. But the sweet smell of a sleeping baby on your chest - well it certainly makes it all worth it.


The Frasiers said...

Awe look at our little babies! How sweet! And I totally know how you feel about being stuck in during the ice storm... I have probably gained 5lbs!

Aimee said...

I have been following your blog for over a year now, it took my hubby and I about four months to conceive our daughter and now were prego with number two. I admire and respect you guys and hope everything turns out well with this up and coming baby! But I know how how you feel, looking at how fast they grow and how much they have changed. It makes me sad too =(