Sunday, February 17, 2013

nice day at the zoo in the midst of heartache

It's normal to be stepping in snow on Wednesday, then at the zoo in flip flops on Sunday, right?  #onlyinoklahoma

David has been working like crazy lately, so I was happy for him to take an afternoon for himself today and play golf.  I took the wee ones to the zoo, and it was very crowded, but great fun!

Sad that I think it is totally normal now that my son refuses to leave the house sans marti gras beads?

I told my mom that Braley seemed to be with his people while with the goats.  I think he was a goat in a previous life.  Or a goat herder, perhaps.

He said, "heyo goat!"

And started kissing them.   Yes.  Disgusting.  But I thought it was so Braley, so instead of telling him, "gross, STOP!"... I photographed it.  mother of the year.


My parents spend February and March in Alaska every year, but had to make an abrupt return home today due to a devastating death.  My brother's best friend since they were in kindergarten, like a brother to me, son to my parents, close friend of my husband - passed very suddenly early Thursday morning.  Shocked and devastated, we are trying to understand how this 31 year old husband, father to a 5 year old, 4 year old, and new baby, friend, son - could be taken.   His wife did not deserve to lose her young husband like this.  And this is nothing 3 little children should have to live through.

As a mother to three very small children myself, the thought of facing the world without my partner and best friend is much too painful a thought for me to even consider.  And yet this girl, whom I have called friend for many years now, is having to accept this as her new reality.  I keep thinking about all the stupid things I have gotten mad at David for.  I close my eyes to go to sleep at night, and suddenly I am at their pool, as we spent so many days in the summers, and he is there, throwing his girls in the air.  Then it really hits me how final death is.  

A painful reminder to try and make the best of every single day you are given. 

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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Hi, Megan! Ive been reading about your sweet kiddos for a while and love watching them grow!!

I am newly pregnant with twins, after a FET. I have a son who will be about 18 months when theyre born. I know Paige was young when your duo arrived. Any advice on how to handle that? Any must have items that kept you sane? I also have a son who will be 3 when theyre born! All from IVF/FET. :)

Thanks in advance for any advice to a new twin Mama!