Sunday, February 24, 2013

sunday funday

David and I, living in the insane state that we do, knew that we needed to take advantage of a nice day today.  It was sunny and 60s, and we are expecting a blizzard tomorrow.  smh.

We took a trip to the zoo.  After church, we decided we should just eat lunch then go, instead of having the boys take a nap.  We figured, they skip naps sometimes at school and do okay.  They'll just go to bed earlier and give us more time at the zoo.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions...

I kid.  Kind of.  They were happy some of the time, and acting like exhausted 2 year olds who missed their nap some of the time.  shocking, lol.  But we still had fun : )

My little goat lover.  Grosses me out, but he is so darn sweet, I can't help but smile at these.

Love him.

We gave the kiddos a bath, put them to bed, then David headed out to the Thunder game (late start tonight).  I'm happy for a little alone time to catch up on DVR, online shopping, and finishing off the last of the vanilla cupcakes.

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