Tuesday, February 12, 2013

snow, friends, and passport photos - not in that order

We are taking a trip to Mexico in May with our best friends (no kids) and discovered that my passport expired in 2003.  And David couldn't even find his passport.  Little miss thought she was invited to the beach and needed HER passport photo taken.  No such luck, kid.

I signed up for the teacher luncheon at school for February, and have been experimenting with what dessert would be best.  20 teachers, needs to be delivered in the morning and eaten at lunch time.  I have landed on doing 2 batches of Rice Krispie treats!

Saturday nights have turned in to dinner and wine club at our house with some of our favorite couples and their kids.  Bailey and Paige were very quiet upstairs, so I walked up to see what they were doing, and they were just sitting together, watching a little Caillou.

I can't tell you how much better the boys are doing at gymnastics and how happy it makes me!  After paying for it (x2 - hello, twins) it was very discouraging to have them clinging to my leg for an hour.  But they are really getting in to it now.

Finally!  We deserve some stamps!

We had registration for summer school and the 2013/2014 school year this morning, and we walked in as it was raining.  We walked out to huge, beautiful snow flakes coming down and the world was covered in white.  The boys have only really seen snow when we went skiing last Christmas (2011), and it didn't even actually snow while we were there.  They loved it.  

Love the way the house looks covered in snow!

Paige wanted to play outside in it, but the boys don't have any decent snow shoes (mom fail).  I couldn't leave them in, and I certainly couldn't take them out in their converse and have their feet get soaking wet.  So we had to settle for a few walks in the parking lot to the car and a lot of looking out the window.  We are expecting more snow this weekend, and I have promised all that we will have the appropriate attire to play outside!!

Last - Valentine's Day is seriously one of my favorite holidays.  Always has been (yes, even when I didn't have a boyfriend).  I have fun making cards to send out, I love signing up to help with the parties at school, and the kids and I had fun making treats and cards to give to their school buddies.

And my loving husband is taking me to a Thunder game on Thursday : )

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cryercutie said...

Love! We loved opening our card from you; such beautiful kids! They look so happy all the time :).