Sunday, March 3, 2013

I only blog on Sundays.

I don't like it to be this way, but the truth is we are just way too busy lately.  I have the kids in swimming, gymnastics, school, we are starting to teach Paige how to read - therefore many trips to the library, we have playdates, we go to the has been a lot.  I have decided to take the next session off gymnastics to give us a little breathing room.  I'm sure we will pick back up for the summer session, because the kids do love it, but it will be nice to have our Mondays not so jam packed for the next few months.  

Thank you, Sundays, for continuing to be gorgeous.  We went to church this morning, where I was blindsided with them telling me they were moving Paige up to Children's church (versus nursery ministry, which is where she has been).  Children's church is for kids aged 4 - 4th GRADE.  Ack.  They do divide them up, there are about 20 different rooms back there (massive church), but the thought of little, shy Paige being the youngest in a new place had my stomach in knots all service.  Luckily, they said she did great and she did tell us she had fun.  I know she is almost 4, and she is bright and was starting to outgrow the nursery.  But it still really threw me!  I'm sure I have a lot of that in store for me this year, with her turning 4.  4 sounds so much older than 3.  ...sob...

After church, all 3 took a nap (praise the Lord! Doesn't happen much any more - what, with Paige being almost 4 and over naps pretty much, and wild man Jack who hates to stop), and I got to get a nice run outside.  Then, we went to the park (as did everyone else in Edmond...).

Um, mom - if I can do the zipline by myself, I am old enough for Children's church.  Thanks.

Thankful for another wonderful Sunday with my family!  I am truly blessed.  

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