Friday, March 22, 2013

iPhone picture dump

The best way to see what we are up to is by viewing my iPhone pics!  Real life, right here.

Marathon training.  Oh, boy.  Taking up way more of my time than I can really afford right now, but I'm committed and nearing the finish line (well, so to speak.  Nearing the finish line of training.  The actual finish line is a lot further away than I'd like).  I have 2 more long runs - 18 and 20, then I'm done.   

We had several nice days, which we took full advantage of!  Now a cold front came back through.

Jack found an old pacifier, which cracks me up.  Seeing this big boy walking around with a paci in his mouth.

The ducks in our neighborhood pond are well-fed.

Working on my speed : )

And getting bathing suit ready!  We have several trips this summer - Mexico, Vegas, and I have 2 girls weekends - all involving swimming.

Love this beautiful smile : )

Loves wearing mommy's shoes

Got the bike out for the season!  Though I think she is going to get a new one for her birthday.  She is ready for more of a big girl bike.

It started to get warm, so bright pants made sense.  Now, they are back resting in the closet.  I am so ready for spring!

Cinderella high heals.  Bless him!

Paige and her buddy, Ethan : )

And with our little friend, Anna.

Dressing up is one of our favorite things to do right now!  We have plenty of princess costumes, but Paige prefers these:

My last long run, which I'm still feeling a little sore from... : / makes me very nervous for next week's 18!

Twins : )  Such a blessing they are.

Paige's way of wearing headbands

Prepping for our Easter parties!

And fun times at our neighbors in their cool backyard!  Makes me realize that we need new backyard toys.

We have a birthday party (adult) tonight, and David is taking Paige to her first real movie tomorrow afternoon.  I think she is finally ready enough to enjoy it!

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