Thursday, March 14, 2013

long time gone!

Good gracious, been gone a long time!  I have a legitimate excuse...we have been without internet at our house for over a week.  Long story.  But it's fixed now, thanks to a very nice worker!  My children are fascinated with workers.  They love when new people come into the house.  Bless him - they followed him all over, all up in his business, asking him what he was doing, why was he going to his truck, did he want some pizza, what was his mommy making him for dinner, why doesn't he want to stay here for pizza, does he not like spinach pizza...smh.  He was so sweet and friendly to them.  

We've been all over the place, as usual.  I decided, against previous thoughts, to sign the kids up for another gymnastics session.  They love it, and I hated taking it away from them for my own selfish reasons of wanting to not be so busy.  

We made a trip to Tulsa for my niece's first birthday and stopped by the aquarium.  

We've checked out the construction behind our house.  Just when big things are happening in our neighborhood, we are now thinking of putting our house on the market.  A few different areas are being considered, but we are pretty certain we want to leave Edmond at some point.  I'm struggling with this decision.  Many, many pros.  One big con:  School.  Paige will be going to a private Episcopalian school next year, and I think we are all going to love it.  It is north, though, and if we moved into the city, we'd have to send her somewhere else.  For a girl who is so shy and really struggles in new situations, the idea leaves me very uncomfortable and even sad.  So...we are praying for direction and peace with whatever we decide.  

Meanwhile, the boys are growing right before my eyes.  They are wonderful little people.  I'm privelaged in so many areas, but the greatest pleasure of my life is being the mother of Paige, Jack, and Braley.  

Aquarium fun!

Sweet Stella turned 1 with a fabulous party!

New additions to our neighborhood, we will be sad to leave here.

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