Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Last Supper...and other random thoughts...

Since I start Lupron on Sunday, David is taking me out on Saturday night to celebrate, and have one last chance to booze it up in a fancy restaurant. I am going to eat great food and drink lots of cocktails, because as of July 20th, I am off alcohol until I deliver a baby or get a negative beta. So until either the end of August, or beginning of May. Wow.

I realize that this makes me sound like a bit of a lush – but I am not. I just like to drink wine when I go to dinner, and we go out with our friends often. We still have many friends with no children.
I need to go to the store tonight, but am avoiding all grocery stores like the plague until the magazines with slutty Jamie Lynn Spears are not on the cover. Please, can we glorify teen pregnancy just a little bit more? How nice if all teen mothers could leave the baby with a nanny and fly first class to NYC when the baby starts cramping her style. Oh, and I am just glad they are getting married. I would be shocked if the shot-gun marriage between a 17 year old spoiled brat and her red-neck 20 year old soon to be featured on “to Catch a Predator” boyfriend doesn’t last. Shocked. That is the stuff that great love is made out of.

So anyway, I will have to hope that the ingredients to make my dip for my wine party on Friday night magically appear at my house. Or I am going empty handed. I’ll just inform them that since my uterus is inhospitable, so is my kitchen. There is a great conversation starter at a party.


Katie said...

Saw your blog on The Nest and I am a blogger as well... I also have issues picturing myself pregnant, but I think my brain is just tired after mulling the topic over for two years.

Best of luck with IVF... we're doing FET in a couple of weeks.

Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

Megan! I didn't know you were blogging too!
As you know, I'm praying for you guys and I can't wait to see what blessings God brings to you over the next few months.
Call me! I miss you!