Monday, July 14, 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Every Monday I start a "healthy eating plan." I know I am not the only person guilty of this. Every Monday morning, I have fruit for breakfast, and don't even look at the Panera bagels sitting on the counter. I almost don't even smell the warm cinnamon crunch bagels, dripping with hazelnut cream cheese. I pretend I am deaf when Rachel asks me if I want half of her Asiago Cheese bagel. And I eat strawberries. By Tuesday, I still have my resolve, but I admit it is usually fading by then. So I casually throw in some wheat toast. No butter. Oh Gosh no. Wednesday comes, and I think, okay, what is some whole grain cereal going to hurt? Nothing! I mean it is whole grain. It is good for me. I am probably going to lose weight just thinking about eating something whole grain. Thursdays are tough. I usually spring for the bagel on Thursdays. But I mean it is one day. One day! I have been eating sooo healthy ALL week. One bagel is not going to hurt anything. No butter or cream cheese though. Well, maybe just a little. On one side. What is one side going to do? But, really, if I am going to put it on one side, I might as well just put a ton on there, and start over the next day. Well, I might as well get the cinnamon crunch. If I am going to do badly, I might as well go all out right? I have to do bad today, so I can do good tomorrow. Of course. But the comes Friday, and a vendor brings us breakfast burritos every day. But no, Megan, you brought your fruit. I am just going to sit in my office and read the news while I eat my fruit. I snicker thinking of all those sitting in the break room, wasting calories on a breakfast burrito. If only everyone was as strong as me, we wouldn't have a weight problem in our country. BUT, I am kind of being rude sitting in here and not being with everyone. I'll just bring my strawberries in there and make conversation. Just be social. "Hey Megan, want me to get you one while I am up?" "Yes, please, I'll take two."

So there that goes.

But TODAY. Today is going to be the first day of a new plan. I have to do it for IVF. I know how important it is. I started with my strawberries this morning...

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Erin said...

HAHA! I can totally relate - I do the exact same thing. By Friday I'm getting pizza for lunch and then a burger for dinner. UGH. I'm Erin by the way. I'm on the TTTC board on the nest too (Erinann). Yeah, I never ever thought I'd being going through this crazy IF journey. It sucks. But I'm glad you can "blog it out" and share your thoughts with others. See you around the nest! Oh and your dog spike is adorable. I have two chihuahuas that I love to pieces. Little dogs rock!