Sunday, March 8, 2009

So much has been going on!

First - baby related news: we had labor and delivery class on Saturday! It was not bad at all - from 9 to about 2:30 (was supposed to be until 5 - David really lucked out there!), plus we got an almost 2 hour lunch break. It was great to practice breathing and tips for coping with those early contractions you have at home before meds. Taking the class made me feel like I could probably do it without meds, but David reminded me of something: why would you put yourself through great pain when an epidural will take away the pain with virtually no risks? I'll still be experiencing labor and delivery - just not in excruciating pain! David was pretty great in the class - doing the practice breaths too so he could know how to help me when it is actually time.

Speaking is getting close! I have my showers this weekend, one on Friday, one on Sunday. I invited 40 people to my work shower and 37 to my out of work shower, so I am hoping for lots of great things for Paige : ) Not that it even matters...I really just want everyone I care about to get together and celebrate our sweet baby girl. I am working on hostess gifts right now - I have 6 of them! Yikes!! David's folks will be in town this weekend for the showers, so I need to get our guest room in order. It has been taken over by baby gear!

Other news: Thursday was my birthday! It was great! David sent me flowers to work, then two of my friends set balloons up for me in aerobics class. So nice! We did dinner with my family on Thursday night, then dinner with friends on Friday night. It was really great. David got me a new laptop! The mac one! I am so excited to get it all set up. I just need to go get the piece for wireless internet. I also got to go get a pedicure today, which was needed! All pregnant women can understand how it is just impossible to do your toes after your 30th week.

Nursery progress: I have a rug, nightstand, and little table next to my crib. Now I just need curtains and a mirror, and I'm calling it a day! I finally picked fabric for my curtains, I just need to get a price estimate. Pictures to come : ) I'll also do a bump pic soon...I am getting bigger every day. I am excited to go to my appointment on Tuesday and get another growth estimate. I am guessing my little lady is already 4.5 pounds. Go Paige!

All in all this is just a very wonderful time in my life. I am so thankful to be pregnant.

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