Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 34 appointment...life-changing decisions

All is fine.  Despite feeling HUGE, belly is measuring right on at 34 weeks.  To better suit David's work schedule, we changed our induction date to Wednesday, April 29th!! So I changed my ticker again...5 weeks from tomorrow!! I am so ready for her to get here, but I know that thing will be better for both of us if she stays in their and cooks until then.

In other news...despite all the arguments for me to stay at my job - the unstable economy, high cost of health care if I am not employed, the fact that we will not get to save as much - I could go on and on.  The bottom line is, I just couldn't fine peace with it.  I really feel like it is best for our family for me to stay home with Paige, at least for a while.  I might feel differently if I had a family member to watch her five days a week.  But I can't expect my parents to give up their lives so I can go to work.  It isn't fair to them, and I wouldn't want them to.  Paige deserve them to be grandparents - not full-time care-takers.  All this to say, my last day of work will be April 17th.  I like this little built-in cushion of over a week, to get everything done - and in case I go in to labor before my induction date!

That first appointment at Center for Reproductive Health on February 28th, 2007 seems like an eternity ago.  After all that we have been through, I will be a mommy in 5 weeks and 1 day.  Thank you, Lord!


♥Tabitha said...

How exciting! Congradulations on reaching a decision about quiting your job, it must be nice to finally have peace about it!

Callie said...

I hope that for your sanity the next five weeks fly by! I felt like it would never get here... but believe me it happens before you know it! Your gonna join the mommy club before too much longer! You have definitely been waiting long enough. So excited for you!