Thursday, March 26, 2009

To my sweet girl


I feel like we have been through a lot together, you and me. I loved you when I knew you only as a mere possibility. I was so nervous going in to look at you for the first time. We didn’t know if you would still be there, or if you were growing like you should. Do you remember when I found out your twin wasn’t going to make it? I cried and begged you to hang on and please be strong for me. I was so proud of you. I still am. You are coming into this world against all the odds. Your existence has made me believe in miracles. I have been holding my breath for these last 8 months – counting your movements and listening to your heartbeat, and now anxiously waiting for the day you take your first breath on the outside.

I am all you have known in this life. You hear outside voices, but you only truly know me. And I am the only one who knows you. Sure, daddy has felt you move from the outside, and I try and describe the amazing feeling of you getting the hiccups, but he can’t really know. He doesn’t know when you are asleep and when you are awake like I do. But he will soon. And I am ready for that. I am ready for everyone to know you as the perfect person that I know you. I am ready to hear you laugh, and comfort you when you cry. I am ready to show you off to the world.

I know it is still early and I need to be patient, but I dream of your sweet face and what it will be like to hold you for the first time, and I just need you to get here! Only 33 more days. Trust me, little one; I think you are worth the wait.


Jill said...

This is so sweet! It brought tears to my eyes, because it reminded me of how I prayed and prayed that Ava would be strong enough to hang on after her lost twin. We both have little fighters. I am so happy for you!

Rebekah said...

Aww! This is so sweet!!

The Frasiers said...

Loved that letter!!! made me tear up!

Christi said...

this was absolutely the sweetest thing ever, thanks for sharing it

Iris Flavia said...