Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I feel like I am planning a wedding

I have ordered invitations (after agonizing over layout, colors, and wording).
I have flipped through magazines and scoured the webs looking at floral arrangements.
I have priced out a few different cake options.
I have picked a caterer.
Now trying to decide what beverages to provide.

Oh yeah, this is my daughters first birthday party.

We are doing dinner from Ted's! YAY!!! Everyone loves Ted's, so I know that will be a hit. My invitations came in the mail today, and I am hoping that somehow they will stamp and address themselves. I am going with pink roses with votive candles - simple but classic.

We built a guest bedroom on our upstairs, and it will be ready in time for the party so David's parents can stay up there.

Everything seems to be coming together! I swear, the last time I was this wrapped up in a party I was getting married!

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Lisa said...

Birthdays are a HUGE deal for me too...I always go way over the top : )

Loved her pics too btw : ) Precious!