Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It is my birthday month!

I have always loved March. As a kid, March meant = my birthday, spring break, and getting closer to summer! When I was engaged, March meant we were getting so close to our wedding! When I was pregnant, March brought my baby showers and meant the baby would be here soon! So March is just an awesome month to me.

My birthday is Friday, and David is taking me to my favorite restaurant, Boulevard Steakhouse. I'm so excited! I am going on my first overnight trip away from Paige, leaving on Saturday. I am going to Tulsa for a spa weekend with a few girlfriends. I know Paige will be in capable hands with her daddy. But I will miss her like crazy!

Looking goofy with her two bottom teeth. I am pretty sure she is going to be getting her top ones soon. She has been an absolute fuss machine the last few days. Good times.
Love us some bath time! We have so many bath toys, however, it has become custom for Paige to take one toy with her when she leaves the tub. Now, where all these toys go is beyond me. Some special place in heaven for lost bath toys, I guess.

Getting bored and impatient waiting for lunch.
That is not a good look! I'm not sure what was making her sad, but she sure is cute!
LOL! Being very impatient waiting for her grilled cheese!
A little impromptu photo shoot on her 10 month birthday.

I love this girl! And my birthday month!! : )

Happy March!

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The Frasiers said...

Awe I love her flower headband! Adorable! and Happy Birthday to YOU!!