Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've been a bad blogger!

I have been so busy lately. Paige has been driving up a wall the last few days. She is getting 4 teeth on top (two are really showing, and the other two are just starting to pop through), as well as two new teeth on the bottom. We are also in this weird phase of napping. She has been a two-nap-a-day babe for quite some time. It was so nice, as I could do everything I needed to in the morning (she would nap in the car or stroller), then be home by 2 for her afternoon nap. Well she cut that morning nap out. Now she wants to fall asleep around 12. My schedule is so messed up now! BUT - this does mean she is going to bed much earlier - around 7:30. So that is very nice. David and I can put her to bed and actually relax for a few hours together. She is still sleeping until around 8, so no real complaints.

Food: she is still a pretty good eater. I feed her those Gerber toddler meals a lot, and she is so funny with them! She LOVES the veggie part. For example, today, she gobbled up the peas, and turned her nose up at the cheesy chicken and pasta. Hmmmm. She still thinks she is involved in some kind of blueberry eating contest. She shoves them in her mouth so fast! Loves her sippy with water. Loves all snack foods - goldfish, cheerios, puffs, etc. A girl after my own heart!

She is such a blessing. I love watching her discover new things. She has recently started pointing at things. She will point to the dogs and smile. Or go to the window and point outside at a bird. Still waving hi and bye. No clapping yet. We are working on that.

I am also pretty sure she will be walking by or shortly after her birthday. She can stand alone for several seconds, and loves to walk behind her lawn mower. She is capable, she just needs to confidence.

I still rock her to sleep for every nap and every night before bedtime. She is so spoiled! But I love that time with her.
She loves the bath! I was folding laundry yesterday and heard a noise from her bathroom. I came in to find that she had crawled in the tub to play with her bath toys!!!! I still can't figure out how she did that!
She loves the swings still.
We went for a long walk yesterday, and to pass the time for her, I put lots of snacks in her tray. She was sad when they were all gone!
Then of course she was just a hot mess. Apple wheels and goldfish smeared all over her face and clothes.

After meal time, the dogs and Paige get on the floor and look around for good crumbs, but Beefy got scared and ran for cover.

Michelle and I took the kids to the zoo! They had fun, but weren't really interested in the animals. They were more interested in snacks in the wagon and each other. They fought over a coke bottle, bottle cap, and each other's sippy cups.
It was all smiles at times though : )
David is protective of his sunglasses, so I thought this was funny. I emailed it to him and he called me right away! Megan! Take those away from her!! LOL!!


The Frasiers said...

I can't believe she crawled in the tub! How cute! That made me laugh about the sunglasses - totally sounds like charlie! He always sooo protective of his too!
The zoo was fun too!

Callie said...

She is getting so big Megan! We need to get together with the kids sometime soon! We have a zoo pass so maybe once the weather decides to not go up and down all the time we should make plans to go. I know the boys would love it!