Friday, March 12, 2010

Paige's new 'do

Paige will only eat with her hands. She refuses to let us feed her on the spoon lately. While this is frustrating when I want her to eat quickly, I know it is good that she can feed herself. It is also nice that David and I can enjoy our dinner while she enjoys hers : )

However, the problem is the MESS! Paige gets food all over her clothes, face, high chair, and hair. I had to get her in the tub and scrub her hair the other day. This resulted in my working up a big lather in the form of a mowhawk! I got so tickled looking at her, which tickled Paige. We sat there and laughed at each other for a few minutes while I took some pictures.

Goof ball!!

I had a nice birthday weekend at the spa in Tulsa. I missed my bug, but it was really nice to get away with the girls. We are already planning our next trip back!


The Frasiers said...

I love that precious smile!

Anonymous said...
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