Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Once again I hang my head in shame

I took another home pregnancy test last night. I am so nervous for my ultrasound this morning, I just wanted to make sure there was still some hcg in me! I know this means nothing, but it is amazing what seeing two dark lines come up immediately will do for your peace of mind. It is 5 AM and I am awake, so it obviously didn't cure me of all worry, but I did manage to sleep about 7 hours last night.

I tried to not wish my weekend away, wanting today to get here. But I am happy it is Tuesday. I wish I could get my ultrasound and beta, and come back home in my PJ's. We did enjoy the weekend - it was busy! OU game on Saturday, wedding Sunday, golf and cookout Monday! I was pretty slick at the wedding - I had David keep getting me sprite's with a lime so it looked like a vodka tonic. Believe me, if my friends saw that I wasn't drinking, they would immediately assume I was pregnant (and ask me about it). I just drank my sprite and laughed enough and danced just enough so no one was the wiser ; )

So anyway, about this ultrasound, I think we are looking for just a sac. If it is twins, he said we might not be able to see the sacs at this time. Even if it is a singleton, there is a chance we won't be able to see anything. He is pretty certain it is only one due to the quality of our embryos, but you never know. I just know I will freak out if we don't see anything. Then we have to go to San Diego this weekend, and I will once again wish my long weekend away so I can come home and take another peak.

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