Monday, September 15, 2008

Thrilled to report we are having a baby!

I think I believe it now! We have a tiny baby with a heartbeat of 116 bbp. RE says this will go up - to as much as 160 bbm! I was measuring 6 weeks 3 days on Thursday, so right on track! They said I am due May 6th, 2009. Sounds like a great time to have a baby! My last appointment with my RE is not this Thursday but next, then the following Monday I go to my OBGYN. I can't believe this is happening to me. I never thought I could get pregnant.

If you have never been to Seattle, I suggest you go. It is so beautiful. We stayed downtown, and did nothing but walk around for 2 straight days! Pike's Market is amazing - all the fresh fruit you can imagine, the most amazing fresh flowers, fish, all kinds of wouldn't believe it! We had a fabulous time, and the game was just icing on the cake! We went to the game in a boat!! It was so cool. The OU won in convincing fashion. The best part was, I actually got to enjoy this knowing that by football season next year, we will have a baby!

Let me just say that for anyone still trying - it is worth it. I had a very difficult road getting here (although I know not as difficult as some - I am very lucky to have gotten pregnant on my first IVF and I realize that). I think it was so hard for me because my RE was convinced that I would be pregnant on just metformin. Then when that didn't work, he knew all I needed was 50 mg of clomid. Wait, make that 100 mg. Well, how about 150 mg. When all that didn't work, it hit him. I need a lap. And Ovarian Drilling. This $11,000 procedure was all I needed, then I would ovulate on my own and get pregnant! Simple! He was certain. No dice. 4 months later - nothing! Finally we did injectables. 3 follicles, perfect lining, better than perfect sperm on back to back IUI's. This was it, he assured us. NOTHING. I said I am DONE. We are doing IVF. And we did. Amazingly enough, this IVF cycle, with my crappy embryo quality, none making it to freeze, my low 7 dp transfer estrogen and progesterone, he started talking to me about protocols we can try next time to get better quality. I am pretty sure everyone (besides David, lol - he believed all along) was preparing for an October cycle #2. Imagine my shock to have a beating heart in my uterus.

Good luck to everyone still trying. I have faith that God is good and won't let us down.


ajvann said...

Congrats! I agree, I don't think it will seem real until that 1st ultrasound. I hope you can now enjoy being pregnant. H & H 9 months to you!

TheVanzants said...

I found your blog from the nest. I,too, am a fellow SAIF! Our IVF miracle is approaching 6 months old and I can't believe it. Last year, I SO enjoyed football season (go gators!) knowing that my baby would be watching with her daddy this year!

Congrats! I'll be keeping up - hope things are going smoothly!