Monday, April 6, 2009

"I didn't know I was pregnant"

Seriously?  Seriously.  David and I watched this last night on TLC.  There is no way I will ever believe someone can go nine months without knowing they were pregnant.  No way.  All of the women on this show didn't know until they had a baby fall out of their vagina and in to the toilet.  I just don't believe it.  I know that everyone knows someone whose neighbor's sister's best friend's mailman's wife didn't know she was pregnant until one day she had stomach pains, so she took a laxative,  went to the toilet to poop, pushed, and then heard a baby crying.  I swear this is what happened to one girl on this show.  The only way I could kind of understand not realizing is if you were morbidly obese - which none of these women were. Is it denial?  Sheer stupidity?  Pregnancy changes your body in every way.  It changes the way you feel, the way you look, the way you don't just ignore those things!  I was annoyed.  I think I will boycott TLC.  Not that it matters, that was the first time I really watched that channel.  Oh well.

I am going to visit my fabulous friend tonight who is so close to becoming a foster parent!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!

Two weeks left of work, officially.  And we have Good Friday off this week, and I am using my last vacation day the next Monday (and I am on vacation today - no way was I going to let those go to waste!!) so you can pretty much say I have checked out of there.  I will miss it.  I will miss my friends, my boss, power pump, all my workout buddies...but what an amazing gift to get to stay home with my sweet Paige.  I don't take that for granted.  Not for a second.


Melissa said...

Hi, just found your blog... funny enough, my cousin (now 9 months pregnant) didn't know she was pregnant until she was over 6 months along. She isn't morbidly obese, but was on new medication for restless leg syndrome that gave her some odd side effects (birth control failure for one)...and didn't have any symptoms whatsoever. It can happen! said...

I watched this the other night too and was equally as skeptical. How can you be eight and nine months pregnant and have NO CLUE?

Anonymous said...

my friends mother had her period for months while she was pregnant, and it has happened with some of these women who claim they didn't know. also when youre having your period your much more likely to brush off something like morning symptoms as a hangover or a flu. you should do some research before you start running your mouth about how stupid OTHER people are.

Anonymous said...

Everyones body responds to stuff differentely, so who are you to say how/what these women are feeling?? Why on earth would someone whom knows they are pregnant choose to ignore it....because risking the chance of birthing and raising a child which could have health issues due to no health care during pregnany sounds way easier than admitting your pregnant?!?** Maybe you should be more open minded you ignorant bitch!

Sir Speculator the eXPoser said...

hey both "anonymous". Some of these women were really stupid on the show. You can't deny that. For example, there was this stupid college girl who had unprotected sex ALL THE TIME and she didn't know she was pregnant. Her mom asked, "Oh, child when did you conceive the baby?"

Stupid girl: "Oh, I'm guessing 1 month ago"

doctor: You're about to have the baby!

stupid girl: Shit! I guess I am a slut!

This stupid girl, I swear had nearly every symptom of pregnancy and she still didn't know she was pregnant. So YES THERE ARE STUPID PEOPLE ON THE SHOW.

Anonymous said...

Obviously there are some exceptions to this...but these women actually are extremely stupid.
Unless you've seen the show you can't comment. I just think maybe 70% of the people on the show are in stupid, and the other 30% are in such massive denial that they don't believe they are carrying a baby. This show doesn't take the exceptions like having your period while you are pregnant (or at least the episodes I've seen), it just takes stupid ladies.
So whoever wrote the blog has a point, and shouldn't be ranted to about how her reaction was out of line.
Melissa your cousin found out she was carrying a child after 6 months...the show isn't I didn't know I was pregnant before 6 months.
The show is awful, but really fun to laugh at these ladies.