Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paige Madeline...born April 23rd, 2009

These pictures are out of order, but I don't feel like arranging here we go! Paige all ready to go home! Less than 48 hours after my C Section, I felt great and was ready to get my love bug home.  David calls her button, I call her who knows what she will go by.
Little "It's a Girl" flower my sister-in-law got her for her mini crib in the room.  Too cute.
Mom and dad the first time I got out of bed!
Momma with her little bug
Big yawn!
Right when daddy got her!
7 pounds, 3 ounces, 20.5 inches long
Yuck : )
Daddy ready to go to the operating room!
Me, right after they gave me my epidural.  After 10 hours of labor, I still ended up with a Section.

Birth story will be here shortly! Maybe later today. And lots more pictures! We have so many! But who knows when I will get to that. My little bug takes up most of my time now!


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful. Congrats!!!!!!!!!

Christi said...

she's beautiful!!! can't wait to see more, congrats mommy!

Kristen said...

Oh Megan! She is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Alyssa said...

Congratulations :)

Jill said...

Congratulations! She is just beautiful!

Iris Flavia said...

:-)) You say "Yuck"?? LOL!

Oh, just so you know why I "haunt" your archives...
When I was in my mid-30´s I had kind of a crisis - stick to our lives or try for a Baby after all?
Lots of (also Blogger-)Mommys gave me advice - and we stuck to our lives.
I´ll never know if it was the right decision, but now I´m 40 and it´s too late.
My "little" Bro is a Daddy now (making me an Aunt to a cute 2-y-o-Niece) and I just love to read "Baby"-/family-blogs.
Maybe it´s a way to cope, who knows...
Oh, and I love American Football, too.
Despite Germany being (boring) soccer-land my town´s team was 7 times German Bowl defender and twice eurobowl-winner. Sadly it all went down the drain, so we don´t go anymore (hilariously expensive for no service or fun anymore)