Friday, April 3, 2009

My calfs and ankles have unified

9 months pregnant...and I have a few complaints:

My back is killing me
My ankles are swollen - in a big way.  Hello, cankles.
I can't sleep
My wedding ring barely fits
I can't walk to check with mail without pelvic pain
I have a rash on my legs
I am so congested, I have to keep Kleenex with me at all times

To be fair, here are the things I am loving:

People ask me 10-20 times a day when I am due ( I really like this!)
I feel Paige move all the time, and it is magical
Paige gets the hiccups all the time, and I love it
I have a nursery that I can go sit in and just stare in amazement at how perfect it is for our little girl
David and I are about to be parents!!
I am getting baby gifts in the mail still (so much fun!)
I only have a little over 3 weeks until we will meet her
I got my hair done today and feel like an actual woman again
I have this big huge belly that everyone admires : )
NO STRETCH MARKS!! (knock on wood)
No heartburn (knock on wood)
I am almost finished with work!
I am pregnant.  After 2 years, $45,000, countless tear-filled nights, a cycle of IVF...I am pregnant.  9 months pregnant.  

Who am I kidding!?  I have NOTHING to complain about.  God has blessed David and I beyond all imagination.  Pregnancy is amazing, and I feel so honored that I am getting to experience it.


The Frasiers said...

your sooooo close....
i cant wait!! any day now - you better be ready!!!

Christi said...

You are getting so close!!! can't wait to see Paige!

I'm such a sucker for pink too, I thought I would try to stay gender neutral but I can't resist the pink!!!