Monday, January 18, 2010


So these aren't the best quality as they were taken from my iphone...but I can't handle how cute this little bug is!!
BAD hair day!
My cute little monkey. She gets staticky hair in the morning and it is just awful... we are experimenting with the ponytail!

This is Evyn Cannon - one of my friend's new baby. She is just so precious. Tell me...does she look like Paige or what!!?? I feel like she resembles Paige's newborn photos so much.
Fun with solid foods! We are still feeding her just two solid meals a day. It works for us. She gets a bottle when she wakes up. Then she eats a solid meal for lunch and gets a bottle. Bottle before nap time, then after waking up from her nap, a solid dinner. Bottle after dinner, then a bottle before bedtime! So that is still 5 bottles a day. We will see what the pediatrician has to say about this on Monday. I can't believe it is time for the nine month check-up!
Construction on our house! It is almost finished now, and looks great! We added a bedroom on our upstairs. This is will be our guest room.
Spike loves the boppy.

Baby yoga on the laundry basket.

Sleeping on momma on the plane. I love this sweet baby!!

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Erin said...

She's so cute! Your nursery looks adorable!