Friday, January 8, 2010


Miss Paige loves bath time! We had a big suite in Las Vegas that had this huge tub. Paige was in heaven!

Now that she can crawl she loves to move around the tub.

Sweet baby girl!
Crawling on momma is fun!
Except when she tries to wipe my snotty nose : (
Okay all better!
I love to stand up!!
Random note: poor Spike has to get put under next week and get his teeth cleaned. We are horrible pet owners who didn't clean his teeth and now he has dental disease. So hopefully things will be better when he gets them cleaned.
Fun with finger foods! Paige hates to be fed. She wants to do it herself. If I put something in her mouth - like a piece of cheese, a puff, etc...she spits it out. But if I set it on her tray, she will pick it up and eat it! Paige marches to the beat of her own drummer, that is for sure. She has never been "by the book" which caused me a great deal of stress in the early days. Now I just know that she will do things in her own time.

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